Auburn Drive High

February 13th, 2020

Breakfast program announcement: A message from Mr. Bush. Breakfast program will be cancelled for the balance of February as there have been no volunteers showing up to assist our community volunteer Sandy. She has done it by herself the last two days and that is not right. If you would like to see the program back on in March, please sign up in the main office and SHOW UP when you are scheduled.

Are you interested in signing up for AP Biology next year?  There will be a meeting Tuesday, Feb 18, at lunch in room 303 for all interested students.  Please join Ms. Lowrie  to discuss the course and answer any questions…
The SMU pizza lunch has been postponed. A new date will be announced.

Students from Ms. Haws's semester 1 art classes should pick up their End of Semester Projects by Friday. All uncollected work will be disposed of.

Fun, fun, FUN!!
It's that time of year again! Auburn's annual musical. This year's show is called I Think I Want to Marry You, and it is a musical comedy sure to get your toes tapping and your laughter happening. For the low, low price of only $5, (That's right, $5) you can purchase a ticket and experience the fun next Thursday morning, February 20th, during C & D block in the cafeteria. This counts as a school activity and doesn't affect exemptions. Tickets will be on sale at lunch in the pit until next Wednesday.

Please come on out and support Auburn's drama department...what a great way to spend a morning!!

A message from Ms. Cleary for her Chem 11 class: a reminder that there will be a quiz tomorrow. I think Ms. Cleary needs some coaching as to what constitutes a Valentine’s Present.

A reminder to wear red or pink tomorrow for Valentine’s Day… or Palentine or Galentine…whatever you celebrate do it with style in red, white and pink.

In the caf: There is no Cafeteria today. You are going home shortly after the normal lunch and will hopefully be ok until you make it home then.

For those of you curious about attendance today: If you have a ride home, or are walking home, you are dismissed at the lunch bell. If you are waiting for the bus to take you home you need to stay in the cafeteria to await the arrival of your bus. Please listen for announcement as buses arrive and be quick to respond.