Auburn Drive High

March 12th, 2020


A note regarding vaping and smoking: As per smoking by-laws passed by HRM in October of 2018, there is no smoking in or near public buildings. At Auburn Drive High School there is a line that is clearly marked for the correct proximity for those who are of age to smoke and/or vape. All smokers must be behind this line. There are no exceptions. This includes the parking lot and student vehicles on school property- both are prohibited smoking and vaping areas. Any student who does not meet this expectation will be referred to their appropriate VP.


Any students in grade 11 who have an average of 90 or above are encouraged to apply for the Lt. Governor award. This award is given to a student who exemplifies commendable service in the community and school and also possesses leadership skills. Please outline this in a letter to Ms. Hudson, you may attach a resume. These are to be handed in to the main office by no later than Tuesday, March 24th.


Badminton is cancelled for this evening.

Tomorrow is the last day to bring in oyur donations for the Adsum house! Be sure to bring in new clothing, toiletries and food to your C-Block class for a chance to win hoc chocolate and donuts! Lets help support our community Eagles!
Eagle of the week this week Angelina M…for making the maple syrup for the French toast event and for helping with yearbook.

Student salute this week goes to Ms. Charters in the Youth Health Centre for all she does to help all of us at Auburn.
Imhotep is confirmed to today after school.

In the caf: Tony’s special chicken!!