Auburn Drive High

Inclement Weather Notifications

We received this notification today from HRCE:

Would you like to be notified by HRCE about school cancellations due to inclement weather by text message?

There is a new process to follow – even if you had subscribed in the past.

To ensure compliance with Canadian Anti-Spam laws, you must opt-in to receive information by text message.

• If you are a parent/guardian in the HRCE, you will receive a message about opting in to the new text message feature later today. If you opt-in to receive text messages from your child’s school and the HRCE, you will receive notifications about school cancellations due to inclement weather in addition to news and announcements. You do not need to opt-in through our website.

• If you are NOT a parent/guardian in the HRCE and you wish to receive school cancellation notifications due to inclement weather, you must opt-in through our website in an easy two-step process, outlined here. Why? Our new text message feature is related to PowerSchool.

This week, you may see information on our website, Twitter and in school newsletters asking parents/guardians to opt-in for text messaging on November 16. Unless you are a parent/guardian in our system, this campaign encouraging opt-in does not apply to you.

Anyone (other than parents/guardians in the HRCE) who wishes to receive school cancellations due to inclement weather by text message must opt-in via the HRCE website. This includes staff members, community members, grandparents, partners, daycare operators, etc. If you know someone who would like to receive cancellation notifications, please let them know how to opt-in. It’s open to everyone.

If you only wish to receive an email notification about school cancellations, you can do that too on the same webpage. The choice is yours!

Winter is coming – opt-in to stay informed.

Thank you,


Elwin LeRoux | Regional Executive Director | 902-464-2000 ext. 2312 | @Elwin_LeRoux