Auburn Drive High

December 14th, 2020


Saint Mary’s University is hosting a webinar for Nova Scotia Students and Parents on December 15th, TOMORROW at 7PM.  This will be a round table discussion with Nova Scotia Recruitment Officers, Alumni, currents students and student advisors. The topics will cover incredible programs, Co-Operative Education, research opportunities, scholarship and deadline. Students attending this event will get the opportunity to Apply for Free to Saint Mary’s University.  Students can register at the following link:

Auburn has been invited to join the Esports league.
Games like :
Madden 21
Fifa 21
Rocket League
League of legends
Will be played in a competitive environment. PS4, XBoxOne and PC formats available.For more information please see Mr. Chiasson or join the Google classroom

Powerschool has now been updated to empower students to update their own passwords. If you have forgotten yours or you want to change it please click on the ‘forgot password’ button now on the log in page and follow the instructions. All you need is your GNSPES email address and your 10 digit  student ID number (which you can find on any report card or any year of your student ID- interesting note: your gnspes address contains the majority of your student id #). It takes about 10 minutes to get the reset email.

In the caf: Mac and cheese with meatballs