Auburn Drive High

Staff Directory

The main school phone number is (902) 462-6900.

To call an extension directly dial the school number and input the seven digit extension (750XXXX).

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Wicks, Monica EPA
Terry, Drysdale Aboriginal Support Worker ext. 7501023
Taker, Suzanne EPA
Skeete, Melodie School Social Worker 902-237-3678
Provo, Nina EPA
Pringle-Boutilier, Emma Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-476-7651
Palomba, Mafalda EPA
MacPherson, Gale EPA
Hatt, Shelley School's Plus ext. 7501105
Fraser, Ira Student Support ext. 7501009
Faloon, Deborah EPA
Colley, Virginia EPA
Code-McNeil, Kelly Librarian ext. 7501015
Charters, Jodie Youth Health Centre Co-ordinator ext. 7501017
Bruce, Donna EPA


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
White, Greg Vice-Principal - Last Names M-Z ext. 7501003
Wheatley, Kevin Registrar ext. 7501010
Rose, Janet Guidance - Last Names M-Z ext. 7501007 Website
Munroe, Lindsay Guidance - Last Names A-L ext. 7501006
McDougall, Andrew Vice Principal- Last names A-L ext. 7501001
Lohnes, Shannon Student Services Secretary ext. 7501005
Johns, Jennifer Main Office Secretary ext. 7501000
Hudson, Karen Principal ext. 7501002
Buffett, Jeanne Guidance - Last Names A-L (Tuesdays) ext. 7501006

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ward, Banjot Resource ext. 7501207
Ward, Lauren English ext. 7501222
Thibodeau, Cynthia Resource A-L ext. 7501207
Sparks, Desiree English ext. 7501205
Smith, Jennifer Learning Centre ext. 7501208
Sheppard, Catherine Science & Technology ext. 7501315 Website
Sangster, Anne Learning Centre ext. 7501209
Sadler, Ryan English / Athletic Director ext. 7501219
Rozee, Melanie English ext. 7501221 Website
Ray, Dan Phys Ed ext. 7501227 Website
Priest, Peggy Phys Ed ext. 7501224
Pluta, Sylvie Social Studies/French ext. 7501108
Peori, Carl Social Studies/French ext. 7501215
Olmstead, Elizabeth English ext. 7501219
Mosher, Jim Resource ext. 7501206
Moser, Erin English ext. 7501204
McMahon, Frank Math & Business ext. 7501312 Website
Martin, Annette Social Studies/French ext. 7501103
MacNeil, Kevin Math & Business ext. 7501310
MacKenzie, Mike Social Studies/French ext. 7501102
MacEachern, Colin English ext. 7501220
MacCormack, Kirt Science & Technology ext. 7501106
Lowrie, Stephanie Science & Technology ext. 7501303 Website
Johnson, Lynn Math & Business ext. 7501309
Johnson, Matthew Math & Business ext. 7501311
Ingalls, Edward Math & Business ext. 7501308 Website
Haws, Sheryl Fine Arts/Family Studies ext. 7501203 Website
Greer, Steve Science & Technology ext. 7501301
Gillie, Mark Math & Business ext. 7501306
Farrell, Peter Math & Business ext. 7501218
Elliott, Carla Science & Technology ext. 7501302 Website
Donahoe, Megan Math & Business ext. 7501304
Deveaux, Andrew English ext. 7501211
Daniels, Greg O2 Coordinator ext. 7501023
Dalesandro, Marc Science & Technology ext. 7501305 Website
Cuvelier, Dennis Social Studies/French ext. 7501212
Costello, Wayne Science & Technology ext. 7501110
Coombs, Tim Science & Technology ext. 7501113
Collings, Laura Social Studies/French ext. 7501101
Cleary, Angela Math & Business ext. 7501313
Chiasson, Alexandre Social Studies/French ext. 7501104 Website
Bush, Colin Phys Ed ext. 7501020
Branton, Jennifer Math & Business ext. 7501307 Website
Ans, Erica Phys Ed ext. 7501107