Auburn Drive High

Staff Directory

The main school phone number is (902) 462-6900.

To call an extension directly dial the school number and input the seven digit extension (750XXXX).

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Fraser, Ira ANS Student Support Worker ext. 7501009
Bruce, Donna EPA
Colley, Virginia EPA
Wicks, Monica EPA
Hall, Christel EPA
Reeves, Natasha EPA
Boutin, Lee EPA
Provo, Nina EPA
Lucyk, Jaclyn EPA
Taker, Suzanne EPA
Cox, Daniel EPA
Wiseman, Candice EPA
Chambers, Cheryl Librarian ext. 7501015
Merrick, Rachel Mi'Kmaq/Indigenous Student Support Worker ext. 7501022
Hudson-Ash, Marsha School Social Worker 902-237-3139
Cotie, Erin Schools Plus 902-223-0494
Peckham, April Schools Plus Facilitator
Harris, Marissa Speech-Language Pathologist
Yeo, Jane Youth Health Centre Co-ordinator 902-499-6201 ext. 7501017

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Dowding, Jeremy English ext. 7501222
Gillie, Michelle English ext. 7501219
Moser, Erin English/Fine Arts ext. 7501220
Sparks, Desiree English/Fine Arts ext. 7501205
Rozee, Melanie English/Fine Arts ext. 7501221 Website
Sadler, Ryan English/Fine Arts ext. 7501202
Haws, Sheryl English/Fine Arts ext. 7501203 Website
Johnston, Elaine Learning Center ext. 7501208
Kavanaugh, Justin Learning Center ext. 7501209
MacLean, Chris Math ext. 7501304
Ingalls, Edward Math ext. 7501308 Website
Purba-Wilson, Madhu Math ext. 7501309
Johnson, Matthew Math ext. 7501311
Branton, Jennifer Math ext. 7501307 Website
Donahoe, Megan Math ext. 7501211
Cleary, Angela Math ext. 7501310
Penney, Sarah Math ext. 7501312
Todd, Angela Math/Science ext. 7501306
Daniels, Greg O2 Coordinator ext. 7501023
Martin, Annette Phys Ed/French ext. 7501103
Ans, Erica Phys Ed/French ext. 7501201
Bush, Colin Phys Ed/French ext. 7501020
Ray, Dan Phys Ed/French ext. 7501227 Website
Pluta, Sylvie Phys Ed/French ext. 7501102
Chiasson, Alexandre Phys Ed/French ext. 7501104 Website
Priest, Peggy Phys Ed/French ext. 7501224
MacKenzie, Mike Resource ext. 7501207
Mosher, Jim Resource (M-Z) ext. 7501206
Elliott, Carla Science ext. 7501302 Website
Lowrie, Stephanie Science ext. 7501303 Website
Greer, Steve Science ext. 7501301
Sheppard, Catherine Science ext. 7501315 Website
Dalesandro, Marc Science ext. 7501305 Website
Waller, Margaret Social Studies ext. 7501212
Collings, Laura Social Studies ext. 7501101
Deveaux, Andrew Social Studies ext. 7501107
Peori, Carl Social Studies ext. 7501106
Coombs, Tim Social Studies ext. 7501113
Leck, Jamie Social Studies ext. 7501108
Cuvelier, Dennis Social Studies ext. 7501212
Estabrooks, Ryan Social Studies ext. 7501109


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Saunders, Michelle Main Office Secretary ext. 7501000
Hudson, Karen Principal ext. 7501002
Wheatley, Kevin Registrar / Athletic Director ext. 7501010
Munroe, Lindsay School Counsellor - Last Names A-L ext. 7501006
Rose, Janet School Counsellor - Last Names M-Z ext. 7501007 Website
Lohnes, Shannon Student Services Secretary ext. 7501005
McDougall, Andrew Vice Principal- Last names A-L ext. 7501001
MacLellan, Chris Vice-Principal - Last Names M-Z ext. 7501003